Utah banded Gila Monster

Breaking Balls Reptiles

Hello, my name is Brian and my business is Breaking Balls Reptiles. I specialize in investment quality captive bred reptiles. I've been an avid reptile enthusiast for the entirety of my life. I got my first snake when I was 4. My aunt caught a native garter snake from a vacant lot despite her being deathly afraid of them. My mother let me keep it and I talked her into my first constrictor a few years later. We rescued a myriad of animals over the years so I've got experience with various reptiles, birds, and amphibians. Animals, and reptiles specifically became a lifelong passion. I finally decided to start a business in 2010. My experience and passion for business, customer service, and animals blended together perfectly for this business venture. I pride myself in the quality of my care, the quality of my animals, and the quality of my customer service. I always strive to produce superior captive bred animals with every new generation. I specialize in rare and unique recessive Ball Pythons. I also keep BCI Boa Constrictors, pure Aru locality Green Tree Pythons, pure Utah banded locality Gila Monsters, African Pixie Frogs, Leopard Geckos, and California Kingsnakes. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my story. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.